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The Fountains of Grod (take 2)

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As we work feverishly to bring new products, updates, and articles to you from the halls of Alien Dungeon, we are also preparing for this year's Fanticide Road Show which will be coming to a store or convention we hope near YOU. We will be announcing locations and dates all year so stay tuned via the website. We just finished the first gaming table for the road show- the Fountains of Grod. Looking at the finished table we had to play a game right away. Here is a battle report on the action.
The Fountains of Grod
The Fountains of Grod have been in ruins for thousands of years. This whole area of Nowhere is home to a wide variety of floating spires both large and small, and the Fountain was used to capture one in a water arch. While built by some unknown race eons ago, it has been an outpost of the Bedim and their flying monkey servants for several centuries.  Directly underneath the floating Monkey Roost towers (undoubtedly sustained by some inconceivable energy connected with the water falls), is a small island that is home to a magical arch, rumored to be a trans-dimensional gate leading from Nowhere to, well, somewhere Faraway…
This trans-dimensional gate is very important to Urak and his war band of orcs, kobolds, and other mythic monsters. Urak believes it’s a way back home after being transported to Nowhere by a battle spell that tore him and his followers away from their homeland.  All his lads have to do is gather the necessary spell components lying about, use the gate, and they are on their way back home.
The Monkeys are just returning from another mission in their endless search for artifacts from Faraway when they come home to the roost and find the interlopers. The monkeys do not take kindly to invaders and battle ensues.
The Point Values
For this game we chose forces of approximately 500 pts per side. We went light on the Monkeys thinking that the Orcs had a tough road getting to that gate...
Monkeys - 400 and some odd points, Sin of Wrath
Urak’s Orks - 500 points, Sin of Greed (for the treasure then the gate)  
See the Scenario section on page 72 of the Fanticide rulebook.
We decided that the big pool at the Fountain of Grod was passable for this scenario. Models could move into and out of the water without penalty due to the shallow nature of the catch basin.
In addition, since one treasure (the gate) was deemed unmovable, the other two treasures cause no agility penalty to troops moving them in this game.
For the battle Jeff would take the Orcs while Ernie would play the Monkeys. After we set-up the table per the rules in the Great Sinning Scenario, the game began!

The Forces

The Monkey Warband- by Ernie

At 400 and some odd points, I wouldn’t be taking a lot of Monkeys, so I had to choose carefully. I grabbed the Flying Gorilla first because I just love the model and I KNOW it can pack a real punch. The Legend and his band was a must as well. I spread my remaining points over two squads of basic melee troops and some missile squads. For combat I chose a unit of 6 Slashers and a Unit of 6 Stickers. Missile fire was provided by a Flying Carpet crewed by poo bomb flinging Monkeys and a unit of five Monkey bowmen. For deployment, I positioned my units to challenge the Orcs approaching any of the treasures and made sure I could get my Legend and his band onto the little island with the Gate. From there, if I kept the other units close enough, he could support the whole army. The Orcs were in for a good kicking as my furry little friends flapped about in Wrath ready to stick it to the Orcs and their misguided allies. It would be an easy victory, or so I thought, so I did little in the way of pregame taunting…
The Monkey Force is easily gathered by ordering a Monkey Starter set and a flying gorilla. Here:
 Urak and his Orcs- by Jeff
For my Orc force I went with the Otherworld Orc Warband we had created to show off the custom warband creation system. I would have the mighty Orc Legend Urak leading the charge. He would be supported by his Shaman advisor and a selection of combat and missile troops. I chose a unit of Orc Stickers (6), Orc Shootists (6), Bugbear Crushers (5), Kobold Peeves (3), and a Hill Giant Monster. That came to right around 500 points and should provide a solid force to tackle those pesky Monkeys. My force would be overcome with Greed in attempting to claim the treasures and get home, so I had to make sure I had some good, hard hitting forces to make that happen!

The Otherworld range is avaialbe here:

and here:

Turn One
After all forces were deployed, the deck was shuffled and the game began. The Orcs were given the Swords suit for the game, while the Monkeys were given the Claw suit.  We selected five Event cards to use, meaning this would be a five-turn game.
The first card of the game activated the Kobold Peeves and the diminutive creatures scampered off toward one of the treasures. As it is early in the game, the other cards allowed all the units to maneuver and advance across the board, taking up positions for future bow fire and charges.
The first event card came early in the round and it was none other than FANTICIDE! The next card flipped would be overcome with homicidal rage and run off toward battle (effectively charfing the nearest enemy) without thought for safety or tactics. Unfortunately for the orc plans, it was Urak the Orc Legend who fell prey to this madness. 
Urak used all three of his activation cards to advance across the table, leaving his troops behind as the rage drove him to charge away (and straight toward the massive Flying Gorilla in his path!).
As the rest of the forces on both sides jockeyed for position, the Monkey Legend used multiple activation cards to advance the Monkey Shootists to a place where their bow fire could guard one batch of the treasures. The first turn came to a close with both sides hungry for blood!
Turn Two
As turn two begins, Urak is still under the influence Fanticide. When his card comes up, he charges right in at the Flying Gorilla. The increased Give from his rage gives him a massive 22 on his attack roll to the Gorilla’s 7 (the dice were not kind to the winged beast and he rolled a 1). The mighty monster dropped like a stone, severely putting a dent in the monkey’s offensive power. Urak’s Fanticide now fades as he has won a round of combat, bringing him back down to his normal levels of power (which is still substantial – or so he would think).   
The next card activated was the Monkey Stickers who decided to avenge their fallen big brother and they charged right in on Urak.  Without his extra rage fueled strength (and maybe he was a bit exhausted from all that running and fighting) he fell victim to the combined might of the Stickers and was slain.  It would fall on Gorag, the Orc Shaman, to now lead them home.
The remainder of the turn is more moving and positioning and a volley of Monkey bow fire that proves ineffective on the tough hide of the Orcs.  The terrifying Unicorn arrives this turn when the next Event card is drawn, but the creature is too far away from anyone to attack (though his crazed neighs can be heard by the Orcs and they know they are serious danger).  At the end of this turn, many of the units are now within range to dish out serious hurt next round!
Turn Three
Turn three begins with an Event – A Real Shaker – causing havoc on the table. The next five units are knocked down and cannot act this turn: the Monkey Slashers, the Monkey Shootists, the Orc Hill Giant Monster, and two of the Monkey Legend cards! A tough turn ahead for the Monkeys for sure!
Since the Event card was drawn, it was time for the Unicorn to activate as well.  The malicious creature charged the Orc Stickers and killed one of them. The Orcs returned with a vengeance and managed to kill the creature before further losses.
 The final Monkey Legend card came up next and the leader used his Orb to unleash a devastating blast against the Hill Giant. The beam vaporized the monster!
The Orc Shaman cast Flame Wall to block the monkey bowmen from firing on his activation. Even though the Monkey aim isn’t great, the Shaman didn’t want to take any chances. 
On the next card, the Orc Bugbear Crushers were able to move to a treasure pile and grab it.
Turn 4
Turn four begins with the Monkey Shootists moving around the Flame Wall to get a better vantage point for their next activation. The Flying Carpet Team flings a poo bomb at the Kobold Peeves when their card comes up, but the bomb fails to break open and does no damage.
The Orc Stickers are charged by the Monkey Stickers next and the two sides battle spear versus spear. After a round of give and take on both sides, the Monkey Stickers are bested and the last surviving Monkey flees (moving a massive 18 inches).
This turn’s Event card comes up and is A Blow.  The fierce winds make the Monkeys unable to fly and also stops all bow fire for the remainder of this turn.
With the Monkey Shootists unable to fire, the Orc Shaman takes advantage of this and blasts them with a Firestorm Spell on his activation. The template touches all the models in the unit and manages to turn three of the five models to cinders! The surviving Monkeys fail their test and flee from the conflagration.

The Kobolds make it to treasure number two when their turn arrives and the critters quickly scoop up the spell components. The Orc Shootists can’t fire because of the Blow so they move on their turn. The final showdown is now set as we reach the bottom of the Activation Deck.
Turn 5
The final turn of the game begins with Monkeys running, Orc units holding on to treasures, and carnage and bloodshed across the board! For the first card, the Monkey Legend activates and he sends a beam from his Orb toward the Orc Shaman. He fails to exceed the Shaman’s Take score and does no damage.
The Orc Shootist unleash a volley onto the Monkey Legend and his band, felling two of the Monkeys. A bandsmen picks up the Orb, to become the new Legend and then he wisely withdraws from the island.
The final Event card flips and it is a Time Slip! The next three cards activate and get double the number of actions! First up is the Orc Crushers who use their increased speed to get to the gate with the treasure. The remaining cards who are effected by the Time Slip move but are not able to attack anyone. 
The Kobolds are up next and they try to move toward the gate with their treasure. They are intercepted by the Monkey Slashers on their activation though.  The Monkeys unleash their attack but do not score a single hit! The Kobolds strike back and kill enough of the Monkeys to cause them to Panic and Flee from the battle!
With the remaining Monkeys unable to stop the Orcs, the game ends with an Orc victory! Even though Urak didn’t live to see his warband return home through the gate the creatures have escaped from Nowhere (just like all those poor dead Monkey souls…).
The game ended and we had a blast playing. In the first two turns it seemed the task for the Orc warband was nearly impossible but in Fanticide, it is amazing how quickly the tides can turn. The Event cards had quite an impact on this game and kept things challenging.  In retrospect, the Monkeys would have done better to concentrate on defending just the area of the gate and not be so aggressive in trying to kill or stop every unit of the Orc warband from reaching all three treasure areas. Also in hindsight, a single unit larger unit of stickers would have been more useful than the two small units of monkey "melee" troops. Monkeys need numbers to pack enough punch, and neither of the small units really had enough. Hey, they are just little flying wrathful monkeys, can't expect too much can we?
For the Urak war band, having a Master (in this case a Shaman) to take over for the frenzied Urak made all the difference. If there had been no back up to the Legend, the Orcs would have been stuck with only one action per squad, per turn - giving all the initiative to the Monkeys. Having the Hill Giant fall to the magical beams of the Monkey Legend was a disappointment, as I would have loved to have seen the havoc he could wreak on the Monkeys. Next time little poo flingers, next time!
We want to hear your thoughts on the battle (and about your own games!). Head over to the Alien Dungeon Forums to discuss this game.


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