Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crushing your enemies!

In this post, we will take a look at the Crusher troop type in various warbands for Fanticide.  Each type of Squad (Thumpers, Slashers, Shootists, Peeves, etc.) has a role to play in your game and maximizing their effectiveness can make all the difference!

 Since you can only ever have one unit of Crushers in your force, making sure you have the right number of them is crucial. Don't be afraid to take those full sized 8 man units if that is your maximum! Their hard hitting potential is unmatched by almost everything (save Monsters and Legends).

Liberi Cheveyo

The Liberi Cheveyo are a unit that can ride through an enemy with ease. Armed with Big Clubs that give a huge +2 Take, a Charge by this unit is nothing to ignore. With the Hard Charger ability, that means a Cheveyo will have a +4 Give on the Charge for a base score of 8 plus the D10 roll!  Not much can survive that. These are a must include in all Liberi armies.

Crusher Creeps

The Creeps typically make due for their small size and frail frames with large numbers. However, the Crusher Creeps definitely can dish out the damage! With a Give of 4 and a Take of 3, they are much hardier than their little brothers. Plus have a 2 in Soul means that it is not easy to kill these one-eyed beasts!

Tree Bogies

One of my personal favorite units in the game, the Fae Tree Bogies are embodiments of the forest come to life!  With a Give and Take of 4 and 2 Soul, the Bogies are capable of hard hitting attacks and fending off many enemy attacks. The ability to add Sprytes to the models as well gives them even more protection as they are now able to resist spells on a 6+ when applicable.

Crusher Hobby Tips

As a vital and stand out squad in the army, be sure to give your Crushers the attention they deserve on the painting table as well as the gaming table. For Cheveyo adding extra war paint and markings is always an easy way to enhance their appearance. The models' ornate headdress is also an opportunity to spend some extra time on their look.

For Crusher Creeps, add some little Creeps to their bases to show their imposing size. Even having them throwing some small Creeps around is a great way to make this unit stand out.

Finally, for Bogies, explore the various types of trees available to bring your unit to life. Adding different flock, grasses, and paint colors can really make these Crushers look great!

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