Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Hobby Filled Holiday!

The holidays are always a great time of year to rest and recharge (even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of what is happening).  Many of us get time off from work and can use that for a much needed chance to tackle the hobby projects that get pushed aside during our busy lives.

My Undead Warband for Fanticide has been shown in various battle scenes and other areas, but we haven't looked at the actual structure of the warband and units in depth.

The nightmarish Underside of Nowhere is home to all manner of unspeakable horrors. From the hordes of Creeps to the unnamed things that skitter in the darkness, Underside is somewhere that fools go to die.

The strange emanations and radiation that permeates all of Underside from the Hole gives rise to numerous creatures not seen anywhere else on Nowhere. It also provides a refuge for beings that have come through the Hole to recruit servants and slaves to their service.

The Bone Devil known as Elras’travalleg’mah’vax (or the Scourge to most) was trapped in Nowhere over a thousand years ago. Early in his arrival to the land, he was imprisoned by the Fae in a massive blood red gem and taken deep into the Underside and buried. He remained there for eight hundred years until one of the numerous earthquakes that shake Nowhere regularly uncovered the crystal. A Creep discovered the crystal and tried to eat the gem (since Creep’s aren’t very smart).  The one-eyed monster’s powerful jaws shattered the gemstone, unleashing the Devil upon Nowhere to once again wreak havoc upon the land.

The Devil quickly dispatched the Creep and his nearby brood before setting off to once again build an army to conquer this land for his own. Through fell magics, the Devil raised numerous dead to his cause, binding the mindless creatures to his will. As his power grew, other Undead were drawn to the dark energies of the hellspawn and soon Wraiths, Ghouls, and more came to serve the beast.

Now the Bone Devil and his minions scour the lands of Nowhere looking to claim more and more power.

 For the Warband, I came up with the following structure:
Legend - Bone Devil
Crushers - Wraiths
Stickers - Skeletons 
Slashers - Armored Skeletons
Thumpers - Ghouls

This is where the Warband is currently, and I have come up with some future additions in the form of:
Master - Vampire
Peeves  - Giant Rats
Monster - Carrion Scavenger

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  1. Glad to refind these custom warband lists as the links to them in the 'show off your warband' board had broke.

    How do you cope with the Vice of Immortality potentially driving part of a squad Insane and Hungry?