Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What else do YOU want?

Hello All,
Besides Fanticide and more of our own games coming relatively soon, what product line would you like to see Alien Dungeon carry in our store?
At our sister company, http://www.architectsofwar.com/, we carry an extensive range of historical miniatures and other products. AoW has been in business for just over two years now and just keeps growing. Besides our own terrain and our first historical game (coming soon), we select the best products we can find and sell them with great customer service in a cheerful way. We of course want to approach Alien Dungeon that way too.
At Alien Dungeon, we carry OtherWorld Miniatures (and are almost ALWAYS in stock btw) the Woodbine sci- fi range, and though they aren't up yet, a selection of model kits specific to the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Pulp miniature genres.
We have several other things in mind, but what else would YOU like to see us carry?


  1. More rules/models for historical table top gaming. In particular, American civil war and napoleonic era battles. On a personal note, when i was younger i played the Palladium rpg, and i loved the Wolfen, so seeing some plastic Wolfen, armed and armored like Roman legionnaires would blow my mind

    1. Eric, our sister comapny is very successful with historical products :


  2. I love minis. But I can't see the logic of stocking a lot of miniatures in any given line, or adding lines, unless there is a game driving the sales of those minis. Some folks might buy a mini or two because they think it's cool. But if we want LOTS of folks to buy LOTS of minis (like an army or warbands worth) there needs to be a game behind them.

    So let's invest in producing games that will drive the sales of the our best miniature lines (with the best margins for Alien Dungeon).

    I'd vote for a Sci-Fi game that is Fanticide-like. Not just in mechanics, but fun, dark whimsy, quick, and different than your 'normal' universe.

  3. Eric Paulsen have you checked out our sister companies website - Architects of War @ www.architectsofwar.com - There we have tons of historical options for you including Perry Plastics (best in the world) and some awesome offers for American Civil War and check out the coverage at http://theminiaturespage.com/news/?id=374711002

  4. Many good points here. I'd like to add that Alien Dungeon staff was kind enough, on my request, to list some of the lines they are considering with links over on their forums. Once I review them i will add feedback from that angle.

    I agree that relevant games are an axiom of success to a mini line. Games that are flexible with the minis that can be used (such as Fanticide) is another strong ingredient. Lastly, when stocking or producing minis consider what would make good substitutes for other already existing game systems as well. If that triad of relevant connectivity, flexibility and potential for substitution is approached, I think the vision of for Alien Dungeon is limitless.

    Fanticide is supported with a great line of figures partly because a portion of them, or at least their concept, existed and was in print prior to the game design. Regardless of what companies or style or era AD chooses, I hope they continue producing excellent games that allow the minis to fall right on the table.

    1. Under Consideration at the moment:









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  5. I would suggest additionally these guys: http://www.elhiemfigures.com/ Best Modern 20mm sculpts I have seen out there so far.

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