Friday, December 21, 2012

Creating a Custom Warband Part 1

One feature of Fanticide that has many people excited is the ability to create your own, custom warband. When I first began working on Fanticide and looking at the game, my mind was racing with all the cool options available to create a warband and use some models I have always liked but never had a use for in other games!

This post will be done in a few parts, with Part 1 looking at preparing to create the warband and the steps I went through to pull it together.  Subsequent parts will look at additional units and stat creation, point values, background and playing with the warband!

Out of the Cold Lands of Frostwhere...
The first warband that popped into my mind was to do a snow themed warband of creatures who live in the Frostwhere, the cold, barren tundra of Nowhere.  I knew exactly what models I wanted to use - the Wendigo from Crocodile Games Wargods Line.  I had my eye on those figures for a long time, but since I wasn't interested in the game, I was not sure what to do with them.  Fanticide provided the perfect opportunity!

Selecting the Models
When creating a warband, you need to find figures that will fit into the categories set forth in the game.  It was easy to find models to represent Clubbers, Stickers, Crushers, Shaman, Legend, and Monster!  I also had some ideas for Peeves from another company (more on that below).

Before I ran off and placed an order, I dug through my old piles of metal.  Success!  I had a Wendigo Chieftain model I had purchased a few years ago at a convention in with my random models!  Time for a test paint!

Wendigo Chieftain, sculpted by Ben Siens
This model was lots of fun to paint!  I went with a fairly standard color scheme on it as I really liked the look of white fur and a darker skintone.  For the base, I used a Renedra 40mm Round and added some pieces of slate to it.  I finished it with some Hudson and Allen snow effects.

Now that I had a color scheme and basing scheme worked out, time to get some models!

Units for the Warband
created a document early on with all of the possible unit types for Fanticide and what I would use for each:
Legend: Ice Witch
Master: Chieftain / War Chiefs
Retinue: Ice Warriors
Shaman: Shaman
Clubbers / Slashers / Thumpers: Wendigo Warriors
Stickers: Wendigo Warriors with Javelins
Shootists: Howlers
Crushers: Ice Warriors
Peeves: Hoarcats (Wyrd Miniatures)
Monster: Abominable Snow Beast

Almost everything would be from the Crocodile line, with the exception of the Peeves.  I found some great small cats with a Wendigo style look to them from Wyrd Miniatures and picked them up to test out.
Hoarcats from Wyrd Miniatures

Those little guys worked great and fit in with the theme of the warband nicely!  Now it was time to order up all the models and get painting! 

I knew once the models arrived that I should dive into the units, but I was so tempted by the monster I had to get him painted up first...

Abominable Snow Beast, Crocodile Games. Sculpted by Ben Siens
In case you can't tell just how big this guy is, here is a side by side with the Chieftain (who is already a large model!)

So now I am underway to making my first custom warband.  Next up, I will look at the first unit I have painted and discuss some techniques for painting them quickly for gaming.  I will also be exploring the Background I have created for the warband and how they fit into the world of Nowhere!

Until then, Happy Holidays from your favorite snow monsters!


  1. Fantastic! I can't find stockists in the USA for Renedra 40mm rounds however... Architecs of War doesn't list them in their Renedra section. Do you have a source?

  2. Hi Judge Doug,
    You can find those bases right here:

  3. oh sweet, thanks! somehow missed 'em before!