Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UFOs at Night Part 3 - Vehicles and Figures

So here we are with part three of the UFO-X-Com Zombie game at Night. How is that for a title?
Below we show some pictures of figures and vehicles, but first a word on modeling and painting.
Please bear in mind that all of these models and the figures were made and painted to be gamable. There was no thought to contests, etc. It was all about getting some drama on the gaming table, stuff that was sturdy enough to use many times, and we didn't pay a bit of attention to which "manufacturer" to use. We simply picked models, toys, and figures that fit our needs.
We are "gamers" first, modelers second. painters third, and followers of manufacturers , well, not at all really. And that's saying something because we manufacture and produce games ourselves!
Frankly we are just unapologetically old school. Welcome to the Alien Dungeon!
Anyway, first we are showing off some UFOs. They are made with "found objects" like serving platters, plastic card, and old toys. We used LED lighting and battery boxes from Lemax Christmas stuff or Radio Shack. The big saucers are clear plastic bowls and serving trays we bought at a party store and then glued plastic card bits on. Again, Evergreen plastic strip and tube really helped. The "alien technology" is primarily beads stacked on wires and nails. We bought a big bucket of them at the craft store for something like $4. Simple but we think effective and quick.
None of what we did was particularly hard, but it can be time consuming.Bear in mind a "good enough" philosophy and you will be suprised how much you can produce I really, really hope some of you out there will give something like this a go. Its great fun to do something you just can't buy "off the shelf" and very satisfying.
The Alien Scout Ship. This little fella was made from a UFO candy dispenser. We added legs and lights.

We did simple interiors with beads and what not.

The examination ship is an old toy saucer we had laying around. Origins forgotten. Its mission is primarily abduction activity.

The Probing table removed so you can see it a bit better.


The Big Strike Ship. It's 24 inches across and was constructed of several plastic serving trays. Plastic bits and bobs and lots of plastic strip and card completed it. Conveniently the trays were clear, so we masked and sprayed them with chrome paint to get windows.

It's really fun to fight through the interior.

The Bridge. The chairs are 1/4 styrene tubes cut an angle that fit the little Copplestone seated aliens perfectly.

Lights on!

Poor Cow. Oh and the cut in half dude.

LED Lighting for each examination tank

The lighting harness. Its just LEDs, a small switch and a battery box. Nothing fancy really.

The Alien Crew. Mostly Copplestone with some modified figures from Hassle Free ( I think)
The Leaders have amazing Psychic powers. The Golgath is a genetically modified Drone that acts as a huge and nasty "protector" for the Superior Leader.
Civilians hit with Infestor rounds or Infestor grenades are instantly converted into nasty mutant zombies. These are made of a big pile of bits from GW and various other sources. We all have left over bits and bobs and these were so fun to make we did 40 of them!
Policemen from Foundry's Street Violence range and one of the many toy cop cars. The cop car is a bit large scale wise, but we couldn't pass up its working siren and lights now could we?

I just had to have these guys in Chem gear when I saw them on Andy Turlington's stand at a recent wargaming show. We use them as the UFO "recovery" team. You can get them from  Andy is a good guy and will sort  you out right quick.

Devil Dog Designs modern US Infantry and some old collectible series Matchbox Humvees. Check Ebay for the Humvees. I'm not sure Devil Dog is still in business. Eureka make some REALLY nice moderns.

Agents and Civilians. Many from Copplestone, some from RAFM, some form Foundry, a few toy figures that came with vehicles.

So there you have it. If you would like to know more about rules, the game itself, etc. write to us on the Alien Dungeon Forum, here: and join in on the discussion!

If you are looking for Sci Fi figures, we are just getting started in this genre and will be doing alot more soonish. At the moment we do have the excellent Woodbine range:


  1. Wonderfully inspiring! And a great read through all 3 parts, thanks for posting pics! The table looks amazing, and being fortunate to have participated in previous games, it truly is a sight to see in person!

  2. This is magnificent! I'm in awe and filled with envy and admiration!
    Have you see the wonderful Tengu Models Grey Aliens? Especially the awesome Agent Grey figure?

  3. battybattybats-
    Those Tengu Models are fabulous.

    I wonder if they would let Ye Olde Alien Dungeon sell some for them?

    We are looking to expand our offering beyond the games we intend to produce or are producing such as Fanticide.