Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UFOs at night Part 2- Around Town (Zombies too!)

For part 2, I wanted to take a stroll around Pottersville, the setting for the game.

Most of the buildings are modified Plasticville kits. A little plastic card, a decent paint job, computer printed signs off the net, and some lights does wonders with these.

The lighting is from Lemax. You can get them around Xmas time at large craft stores. I like the mini lights with a battery box attached. You can fiddle and glue these to the interior of buildings. The street lights are from the same source.

Lets take a look:

The Trailer Park. All just repainted and slightly modified Plasticville kits. These things have been around since the 1950s!

Each has a simple but effective interior.

Spivey's place. The worst trailer in the park. Spivey is part criminal, part informant, and all no good.

Spivey's place up close. His dog is meaner than he is and not as cowardly.  

Mrs. Miggins is the Manager and has the nicest trailer in the place. Stay off her lawn and tell Spivey he still owes her this months rent!

Mutant zombies, converted by the Alien invaders with Infestor guns, make their way into the trailer park. Many of the residents didn't recognise them as "non neighbors" at first....

Nicks Service Station is one of those really rare independent places you only seem to find on a turnpike exit

The Service Station has a full interior will plastic card walls and working lights. That's the battery box in my hand. It gets a cover that looks like a big air condition unit "in game". The Lemax lights are just threaded around and super glued in spots to the walls.

The bathroom. Yuck. I think I went to this one on the way to a Historicon show.

The mini strip mall has lights inside too

The exterior of the mini strip mall

This Motel room has recently seen some police activity...

The interior lit up with Lemax lights

The motel office

The motel sign makes a dramatic "centerpiece" all lit up at night

The  interior of the sign. Not an easy project but worth it. Two Lemax colored light sets and two LEDs. Three battery boxes! Could have been done with two probably. The sign was built from scratch with plastic card and Evergreen strip styrene.

All Lit up.

The 7-11. The center of most American small towns.

The interior of the 7 11. The shelves are just blocks with printed pictures glued on.The clerk always seems to be their day or night.

A simple walk-in refrigerator in the corner helps in case of Blob attack. You never know...
Part 3 will focus on the figures and vehicles.


  1. That's ... just ... beautiful! I'm both impressed and envious.

  2. Terrain table is stunning -- fine work!!

  3. Which rules are you using ?
    Your own homemade brand ?
    This have to be one of the best tables I have ever seen...

    And the Idear with the lights....GREAT :D