Monday, November 26, 2012

UFOs At night, in 28mm, Part 1

We played a fun game on Saturday night on Thanksgiving Weekend at Alien Dungeon HQ, and we thought we would share some of it with you. The game was one we have been doing off and on for some years, slowly adding to its "collection". It's a derivative of X-Com, the popular computer (now redone for XBox) game from the nineties. For figures, we used Copplestone, Devil Dog, bits from old GW plastics, Foundry, and stuff we have forgotten the origin of! A collection of die cast cars and some buildings and we were good to go. The flying saucers were all scratch built, the rules our own.
Oh and we played the game IN THE DARK. With a soundtrack. Really!
We played under "blue lights" over the game table and all the buildings and streetlamps were battery powered. In part two, we will talk a bit about more of the game particulars, but here are some highlights. It was definitely a good time and a nice break from all the hard work lately. A few beers helped make this one run more smoothly with quite a few laughs too...
Here are some pictures to get started:
The morning after a UFO has crash landed near Pottersville, Pennsylvania, an army Alpha Strike team deploys.
A DEA strike unit, in the area for a major drug bust, gets pulled in to the fray. The occupants of the crashed UFO are out and about and terrorizing the populace near this WalMart construction site.

A civilian cell phone, found after the "incident" had this picture of the downed UFO.

A Gray Alien has used an Infestor Gun to convert these civilians into blood crazed mutant zombies.

The Police in hot pursuit of the saucer before it crashed. The toy police car had working lights and a siren. Good fun that...

The interior of the crashed saucer all aglow.

While the bigger saucer was down in the middle of town, this smaller one was trying to abduct Lewanda. Her homies scared him off with guns guns guns. Fortunately for the little grey guy his shield held until he could get back into his ship and escape.

The table (Pottersville) at night. You can see the working Motel sign, street lights and other working lights. Taking these "night pictures" wasn't easy. Sorry about the quality.

Old farmer Tor is about to get probed under the mind control of another Alien scout ship. The Sheriff investigating the scene has unfortunately been reduced to the steaming puddle in the foreground by a strange alien weapon.

The inside of the hotel showing its interior and lights.
Another night view of the table. The pools of light cast by the lamp post (and making any figure inside them an easier target) can be seen in this shot.
We will spend more time talking about the details of the game, the forces involved, model making, and more in the next installment.


  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I played X-Com on my PC back in the 90s and I loved that game. Great stuff you have here! :)